maanantai 12. lokakuuta 2015

Finding your own way from the middle of taught skills

Painting, starting again

One way to start painting after a pause is to figure out what would be the natural number of painting attempts in a day or week, taking into account how interested you are in painting, how activa life you live, what is your rythm of doing etc. Then take into account that you have not painted for a long time, so what then would be the naturl number nowadays? Just paint so many attempts in a day or week, regardless of do you succeed or not. Painting is also a question of atmospheres, of social influences, of one's life in general, so all days are not alike. Sometimes you have talked with an aquiantage who is not good at painting, or who is tsuck, so you kind of have to start at a lower levelof skill those days and teach your own skills to yourself agaian. Maybe you could that way develop in having such message in your paintings too, or to a job as an arts teacher. It helps to be opportunistic and to paint the way that goes well nowadays and other kinds of painting attempts just an addition to that. If starting is still difficult, start with something small like coours, or tiny stick figures, or tiny coloured paintings, or drawing like children, maybe making a mosaic. Try to get an ongoing sarts hobby to which your dreams give extra quality, extra energy, extra insight, extra skills and goals to develop toward.

Maybe arts dreams are conceived like feelings, not detailedly like landscapes to paint. So dreaming isn't the right starting poiunt for beginning to pait. Instead watching and living is.