keskiviikko 22. lokakuuta 2014

Getting stuck

Many artists tend to get stuck. Here are some reasons why: When artists pictures something in her mind it is like planning such things, which is quiet and not doing much anything. Action on the contrary has it's own goals, areas of living vividly in the moment, it's own scale of what is good quality and what not.
* Admiring one's own work in order to build something magnifient, leads toward the ways of those moments when you were so much lower than your usual level that you could not achieve anything that high. At your best miments your usual level is something ordunary, not worth much mentioning, so well you reach much higher.
* Getting attached to your own successes, to the art pieces that you have made, teaches you nothing. Instead you should attach yourself more to the works of otgers since they make you rise higher.
* An artist is at her best on special moments of vivid touch with life, sensituvity, insight and emotional wisdom. So trying to park yourself to yoyr best miments tuires you and you lose that high quality since you cannit this way have it all the time.
* Artistic skill is like any other learned theory perspective in that ut is rigid, flat, without insight and makes life cumbersome. Artistic skill needs to be learned anew instead of hanging to it all the time.
* Always doing the same makes one's life narrow and without much things of interest. So one cannot reach one's best without full practical life.
 * Always doing complex things like arts makes one slower as all aquiantages pause their actions to think. The company of stupid and children makes basic things and action stay in the focus.
* Arts are something to do in one's own roads. Yet one longs for like-minded company, teachers, forefigures and talk about arts. So one often attaches ineself to not-so-enthusiastic like-minded people for whom arts oneself once a week would be much.
* Arts need a message, so one easily keeps in one's mind company to the recipients, and so one gets slow like modt who keep company to someone who is not present. Travelling with insight needs individuality very much.