lauantai 13. lokakuuta 2012

Learning from others

Often when you go to some course or have an idol, you learn something of some worth but at the same time you lose touch with your own way of doing. So in order to gain both, build first in your mind pictures of your own secret personal ideal and do something on your own guided by your own feelings and impressions. Once you have two separate bases to start from: the course and your own endeavours, you can after the course do something along the same lines as you learned on the course but somewhat more on your own ways, and then after some time, so that the course is no longer dominating in your mind remember your own ideals about art, the feelings that make you tick, and once again do things on your own, guided by your own ideals, now somewhat more skilled and maybe valued.

Regaining touch with artistic talent

You need enough motivation. That makes you interested in achieving something, even little, artistic endeavour. Interest makes you acutely sensitive to all kinds of shades and major features that are essential to the art. Without such good tuned attention you will do at most mediocre things, but with the keen attention and interest in the subject you will achieve much further than with just your skills.
If you have lost such interest, you should take a "holiday" and do other things that interest you more, do them wholeheartedly. That brings intensity to your life and actions. Maybe arts will have much less time in your life, but you will do better in quality.
Like a lack of interest, a too scheduled, for examply habitual or almost "official", attitude to practising arts can make you unadaptive and so kind of out of touch. You need to regain the possibility to tune yourself to each endeavour, to each interesting subject and goal in life. That is achieved by letting your interests each fraction of a second determine whether you will concentrate to arts right them or to something else. If you feel like dozing, that is not the same as being in the right mode for arts. You need some part of you to be alive and in touch with the interest in the things that are most meaningful to you in arts. For example if you do varied kinds of things that happen to interest you and that bring variation and content to your life, you can then by the side collect impressions, ideas, feelings etc. that can be your guide to what it is that interests you in arts, what are the things that you want to develop in. Let your feelings guide you further in skill and quality.

Learning talents

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The former is good for learning also other talents and skills, if you would prefer some other profession but just do not have the talent and skills for it. Please try it!

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